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Mukti Mission seeks to provide a "Christ centered home where destitute women and children irrespective of their background are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society."

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March 11, 1889

Sharada Sadan, "Home of Learning", opened in Bombay with two pupils.  The school was for high caste Hindu widows, with the principle of observing complete religious freedom.  
November 1890
The school moved to Pune.  
26 child widows and 13 non-widows in the school.  
Ramabai purchased a farm on deserted land near Pune.  

300 girls rescued from Madhya Pradesh famine and taken to a farm as plague had broken out in Pune.  Temporary sheds were put up hastily to accommodate them, and the place was called "Mukti Sadan", Home of Salvation.  
September 14, 1898
Opening of first permanent stone building.  
March 20, 1899
Laying of Rescue Home foundation stone.  
September 20, 1899
Laying of church foundation stone.

Hundreds of girls and women rescued from Gujerat famine.  Almost 2,000 residents now.  
Separate home established for boys nearby the women's home.  
Printing press established, fully operated by women.  
Ramabai started translation of Bible into Marathi.  
Property purchased in Supa-Baramati.  
First edition of the New Testament in Marathi published.  

Government recognition granted up to matriculation level to Mukti School. Ramabai awarded Kaiser-Hind medal for community service.  
April 5, 1922
Ramabai's death.  
July 1922
Trustees changed the Mission name to Ramabai Mukti Mission.  

Ramabai's translation of the complete Bible printed at the Mukti Printing Press.  
Krishnabai Memorial Hospital opened.  

The Flower Family cottage system was started with mixed age groups of girls.  Until now girls and women had been grouped according to age and lived in separate compounds.  

First Conference for representatives of Mukti's six overseas Councils held.  
Manoramabai Memorial Girls High School opened (in memory of Ramabai's daughters).  
July 1970
Name changed to Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission.  

A postal stamp was released by the Government of India commemorating 100 years since the commencement of Ramabai's work.  
Pandita Ramabai listed as one of the top 20 humanitarians of the 20th century by The Australian newspaper.  
Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for Social Justice.
June 2005
Mukti commences Junior College level classes, Std 11 and 12


Visually Handicapped Women Women Find a Place of Service at Mukti
Mukti's home for the blind provides a place where these women can productively serve the community while finding companionship and  comfort.


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